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What’s got 97’s guitarist Ken Bethea excited is Friday’s opening act.

“Western Star is a total second generation Old 97’s band,” he relates. “It’s the two sons of my best friend from Baltimore. I’ve known them since they were born and they’re 22 or 23 now. I would tell them if their band sucked, but they put on a neat show. I think they take that name from a Pixies song and they have a lot of East Coast influences from the Pixies to Mastadon.”
— Jim Caligiuri, Austin Chronicle
“Despite what the heaping dung pile of mainstream music would suggest, rock and roll is very much alive and well in 2015...The quartet from Charm City release their debut album Fireball this week (it’s out via San Antonio label Saustex) and it’s a pure gem in every sense.”
— Rob Duguay,